Wedding Anniversary Gemstones Chart

Wedding Anniversary Gifts For The First 25 Years

For every wedding anniversary, there’s an ideal gift. Traditional wedding anniversary gifts chart below lists gemstones given for the first 25 years of marriage, A wedding anniversary occurs only once a year so make it a day to remember. Every anniversary marks a moment on the personal time line of the married couple.

1    Anniversary Gold Jewelry
2    Anniversary Garnet
3    Anniversary Pearl
4    Anniversary Blue Topaz
5    Anniversary Sapphire
6    Anniversary Amethyst
7    Anniversary Onyx
8    Anniversary Tourmaline
9    Anniversary Lapis
10  Anniversary Diamond
11  Anniversary Turquoise
12  Anniversary Jade
13  Anniversary Citrine
14  Anniversary Opal
15  Anniversary Ruby
16  Anniversary Perdoit
17  Anniversary Watch
18  Anniversary Cats Eye Chrysoberyl
19  Anniversary Aquamarine
20  Anniversary Emerald
21  Anniversary Lolite
22  Anniversary Spinel
23  Anniversary Imperial Topaz
24  Anniversary Tanzanite
25  Anniversary Sterling Silver

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