Precious Gemstone Guide

Information on natural gemstone color, mineral composition, hardness, common cuts, refractive index, relative density, tenacity, transparency & value

A stone guide with pictures of gemstones and their names.

Achroite Tourmaline Chrysocolla Hypersthene Petalite Spessartine
Agate Chrysoprase Indicolite Phenakite Sphalerite
Albrite Citrine Iolite Prehnite Sphene
Alexandrite Cuprite Jadeite Pyrite Spinel
Almandine Danburite Jasper Pyrope Spodumene
Amblygonite Demantoid Kornerupine Red Beryl Staurolite
Amethyst Diamond Kyanite Rhodochrosite Sunstone
Andalusite Diopside Labradorite Rock Crystal Tanzanite
Andradite Dioptase Lazulite Rose Quartz Tektite
Anglesite Dolomite Lepidolite Rubellite Thomsonite
Apatite Dravite Malachite Ruby Topaz
Aquamarine Dumortierite Marcasite Rutilated Quartz Turquoise
Aragonite Emerald Microcline Rutile Uvarovite
Axinite Enstatite Milky Quartz Sandonyx Vesuvianite
Azurite Epidote Moonstone Sapphire Zircon
Baryte Euclase Morganite Sard Zoisite
Bloodstone Fire Agate Natrolite Scapolite
Brazilianite Fluorite Nephrite Scheelite
Calcite Goshenite Obsidian Schorl
Carnelian Grossular Onyx Seprentine
Cassiterite Gypsum Opal Sillimanite
Celestine Hauyne Orthoclase Sinhalite
Cerussite Heliodor Padparadscha Smithsonite
Chatoyant Quartz Hematite Pectolite Smoky Quartz
Chrysoberyl Hessonite Peridot Sodalite

Precious Gemstones free informational and educational guide to gemstones. Discover and learn all about a variety of precious, semi-precious, crystals, and exotic gemstones, their cuts, characteristics, origins, legend and lore of your favorite gemstoneGemstones have been faceted for hundreds of years and up until about 20 years ago the facets have been perfectly flat surfaces.

Learn the types of gemstones, gemstone education, know your birthstone, gemstone buying & investing. Metaphysical properties, understand the significance of gemstone characteristics.

Secrets of the gem trade at your finger tips, inside secrets of the gem trade like the cut dramatically affects the appearance of a gemstone, quality evaluation, gem identification, & treatments.

These attributes attract us to colored gemstones for personal adornment and make gemstones valuable and precious. Whether you’re seeking information about gems for jewelry making, for their healing properties or just want to know how to care for your precious gemstones. Buying color gemstones can be a confusing experience and clear understanding the value of colored stones is vital to a successful purchase. February’s birthstone is the amethyst.

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