Gemstone Appraisal

Online Gemstone appraisal guide for buyers, investors, and gemstone collectors

Get an evaluation of gemstones expressed in dollars to be used for insurance, estate, investment, collecting, trading, or other purposes. An appraisal is a researched estimate of retail replacement value of the appropriate market value. A certificate written report describing the results of examination of a gemstone detailing the weight, proportions, color and clarity grades, and any other variables pertaining to its identity and quality.



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Precious Gemstones DOES NOT certify our own gemstones. We recommend that independent appraisals be done by parties that have no interest in the out come of the appraisal, except for providing a fair and accurate assessment of gemstone market value. Many buyers of colored gemstones want to buy a certified stone. This is especially wise if you are buying an expensive precious gemstones. The main reason we do not offer gemstone certification is to keep the price down for our buyers, as the gemstone certification adds over $150 or more to the price of the gemstones we offer for sale.

Most gemological laboratories only identify gemstones, they do not appraise them.

We ONLY sell natural precious gemstones.


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